Checking-in and check out some blogs.

First of all, I want to apologize to those of you who sent emails and I didn’t respond. I don’t log on that often but if I hear from you to keep going, I will.

I have to say on the relationship level I am happy.  I am not with someone right now and that is OK.

I am probably older than most of you so please benefit from my from my knowledge and experience.

If you are alone, make the best of it. Be totally into you and a good friend to others and your family. 

Find your passion in life. You will be ok and so busy living your life that when the right person comes into your life you will know it.

I am sure this isn’t helping you if you are going through a break up but know that the pain from a breakup do not last forever.

I am going to be recommending blogs that are fun to read and will get your mind off of men/women. I am going to post new blogs/youtube personalities every week.

The first one is a friend of mine. She talks about a little bit of everything. Check it out.

Next is Glamlife Guru. She does excellent reviews on beauty products.

Hopefully discovering new people online will pull your attention away from a broken heart.

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It’s been a long time.

I apologize for not updating this blog in a long while.  I just haven’t had anything to write about.  I am still single and occasionally see my FWB.  

I am not happy with my love life but do not feel ready to do anything about yet.  It does get lonely I will admit that.  The fact that I do not know too many people around here is partial to blame.

If you are exhausted with your efforts to date and meet someone I am going to offer you some advice. 

This should be a no brainier. Put yourself first. Yes, that’s right. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself, respect yourself and people will notice your confidence.  

Tackle a new project or learn a new language. Do something that helps you grow as a person. You will be busy with your own life you will not have the time to sit around and feel bad about yourself for being alone.  

Remember self-confidence is sexy.

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Hi, How are you doing?

This period in my life I am trying to figure out who I am and what I want.  It seems silly to say but there might come a time in your life when you might question yourself on this very subject.

I still see my friend/bootay call. However I have not seen or heard from him in ten days. He was in an accident and is having a hard time recovering.  He gets grouchy so he stays away.  I miss him but I have to let him be. (He just called)

My Facebook Local Friend was on this merry-go-round with me. One minute he is totally into me, wants to see me, then he is aloof for a while.

I talked him to going into therapy.  Well, as soon as he started, that is when he lost all interest in me.

He has hinted (but not come out and said) he is with his old girlfriend.  He felt he wasn’t a man for not trying to make it work with her.

I really liked this guy. We talked about going out and doing some amazing things together and now he is gone. We send messages via Facebook but his replies are so impersonal.

So I need to do what I have been telling you to do. Let go.

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whenhewasminesxo said: How do you finally know when you are over someone?

When you no longer care what they are doing or where they are and who they are with.  

I had people tell me he was with this woman or that woman and it didn’t bother me in the least.

To get to that point it took a lot of therapy, a new guy and re-discovering yourself.

Its not easy but as time goes by, you start to let go and not look back.

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Good Advice from Jon Hamm !!!!!!!!!!

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Don’t let Valentines Day Get You Down

If there is no current sweetie in your life and you are sad about it, cheer up, I have some solutions.

I think I mentioned last year that a friend who is single and I decided to be each others Valentine.  We sent cards and chocolate. It made me feel appreciated and loved.

Why not try this with a friend, male or female. Get creative about it. 

If you are in a relationship, why not help a single friend feel appreciated and love by doing something kind for them.  It will be an unexpected surprise that will make their day.

Have any ideas on this subject?

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Oops I did it again

I started to write to a guy on Facebook I have known (online) for three years.  We never meet because he was in a relationship.  

I have known he has had a crush on me for a long time but when started talking, there was a chemistry right away.

So after talking on the phone for about a week, I decided it was time to meet in person. 

Now here is the messed up part.  I told him upfront that I had put on some weight since my last pictures and I told him if he could not handle that, do not meet me.

He still wanted to meet me.

I need to explain something about my weight gain, I am on some medications that has weight gain as a side-effect. It has swollen my face and neck. So about two weeks ago I went back to the gym and started watching what I am eating.  I am slowly seeing some small results.

We meet and he  does not look me in the eye almost the entire time.  He tells me I do not look like my pictures and he isn’t sure he could be in a relationship with me.

This is why I do not like meeting people online.  If you take a great picture, it seems you never live up to it. 

To be fair he is going through a break up, a bad one and he says he is confused.

So I decided to just forget that the past few weeks never happened. He can go back to being a stranger and I can forget I met him.

BTW he was incredibly hot.

Do you have an online meet story that has gone wrong?

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A Year From Now by Across Five Aprils
(by followandreblog)


A Year From Now by Across Five Aprils

(by followandreblog)

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Its been a week

Its been a week since I have had any communication with Rick.  No calls, no texts, no emails. I think this is the longest we have gone without communication.

I miss him a little but when I think about how I was hurt and the annoying things hes been doing lately, I feel this is for the best.

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I have to tell you

I decided things are over between Rick and I.  He snapped at me and called me names for no reason.  That might not sound like a big deal but when you are a victim of abuse (two relationships I experienced this) you learn NOT to take it anymore.

When you write to me tell me about your douche bag boyfriend, I tell you to get out of the relationship.  This is what I need to do myself.

This guy NEVER says he is sorry when he has been a jerk.  He refuses to believe he did anything wrong.  So I guess mistreating people is OK with him.

People are full of excuses when they act like an ass.  In this case he is really sick right now.  I had the nerve to ask him if maybe he should go to the hospital because he is having trouble breathing.  This is when he started calling me names…..

I do not give a f*ck if you are sick, don’t take it out on me or ANYONE.  I was just a concerned friend looking after him.

Some people are better left alone when they are sick.

For the record he has done this 3 times in the three years I have known him. It might not sound like a lot but its enough for me.

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I promise ……..

This year I will be on top of this blog.  I never expected it to grow like it has.  

I want everyone who is hurting over a break up to find the peace I found.

Am I happy with my life right now? No, not really but at least I no longer hurt and will avoid the things I did in my past that took me to a hurtful place.

Thank you guys for the nice emails you send.  It really means a lot to me.


You Know You Are Over Him When…….

I had a call from ex #1 last night.  It started with me because I had a medical question for him (he works in the medical field).  He ended up calling me in the middle of night.

By that time, I was already sleeping.  I took the call, asked him my two questions and fully expected that it was the end of the conversation. Noooooo!  He kept talking. He talked so much I couldn’t get a word in.

This is the second time in a month he has become a chatter box on the phone.  It is very strange because this is a guy who hated being on the phone.

Things change when you are no longer involved.  You can relax and enjoy the friendship if you choose to stay friends.

I notice he only comes around when he is not involved.  Who cares? Not me.

No longer do I beg for his attention.

He called me on Christmas eve, he sent me a card.  That was nice but I am no longer longing for those things like I use to.

I am not suggesting you stay friends with someone who hurt you but you will find in time that you will forgive that person, maybe.

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